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Blackberry Vodka


Blackberry vodka, yes please!

More foraging escapades for ya….

To make yours, you’ll need two bottles, one with a swing top, and some muslin.  Continue reading “Blackberry Vodka”

Superbowl Salad

Not to mislead those looking for NFL junk food delights, we’re not sure a rubble of raw veggies, lentils and quinoa quite cuts it as a nachos / dog side order. It ain’t slaw.

Nah. This is a hearty bowl of superfoods, hence the ridic’ name we’ve given it. Eating this is better suited to playing a sport than watching one we’d say.

For some unknown reason I’ve always been surprised when I enjoy ‘healthy’ food – this was mind blowing.

Vegan business.
Continue reading “Superbowl Salad”

Rose Hip Syrup

This took me back to rose hip picking as a child with my mum and dad from around the village green. This time we were in zone 2 London, but the pickings were just as good.

Rose hips are the fruit of the rose plant and are particularly high in vitamin C – one of the richest plant sources available.

This method is the simplest and best for making rose hip syrup, from River Cottage. The double-straining ensures that the tiny, irritant hairs found inside rosehips are removed. Continue reading “Rose Hip Syrup”

Spiced Elderberry and Damson Cobbler

Ya-huh, you ‘eard.

Elderberries are big on goodness. 100g of elderberries provides 43% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C, and it’s none to shabby at vitamin B6 and iron either. They have been used medicinally for centuries, to treat flu and alleviate allergies, and in traditional Chinese medicine elder is used for rheumatism and traumatic injury. Modern research holds they possess anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties and are anti-oxidant rich i.e. capable of preventing cell damage.

Cobbler, for those not yet in the know, is like a cross between shortbread and a dumpling, and it’s soooooo good. Continue reading “Spiced Elderberry and Damson Cobbler”

September’s Pickings

We’ve been at nature’s cookie jar again – responsibly of course.

We took another walk in the opposite direction this time – towards the City as it goes. We were in search of elderberries and rose hips – and we found them! Cheers Gaia… Continue reading “September’s Pickings”

Green Goddess & Red Devil Dips with h/m Grissini


Oh yeah peeps, ohhh yeeeah.

Love the evenings at this time of year, as summer’s last dalliances beckon autumn nearer.

It is our view that this is precisely the kinda food you want with you for those warm, balmy, yet slightly restless evenings.

Our respect for the fresh and zingy Green Goddess dressing at Big Potatoes is well documented. Here it is again, a little bit thicker for vegetable dunking and teamed up with a deep and fiery Red Devil dip. And served with homemade grissini no less.

This was our first (intensely satisfy) go at making grissini, the moreish, knobbly, quintessentially Italian breadsticks, and if you haven’t yet we highly recommend you do.  Continue reading “Green Goddess & Red Devil Dips with h/m Grissini”

Noodle Salad

I say noodle, it’s vermicelli. But who’s counting. Evening all!

It tastes reet good, and that’s all that matters really, that and its vegan credentials. Yup.  Continue reading “Noodle Salad”

Aubergine Salad with Confit Garlic and Tahini Dressing

Another seasonal one for ya, using up the confit garlic and tahini dressing you’re bound to have left over from the green bean number of t’other day, well yesterday in fact.  Continue reading “Aubergine Salad with Confit Garlic and Tahini Dressing”

Green Beans with Confit Garlic and Tahini Dressing

Here ya go, a delightfully seasonal recipe using the confit garlic we posted yesterday.

Enjoy. Continue reading “Green Beans with Confit Garlic and Tahini Dressing”

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