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Mushroom Picker’s Pastries

Pastries for pickers of mushrooms.

This recipe suits any and all mushrooms you may have in your basket – be that your forager’s or supermarket basket!

We’re really rather partial to mushrooms round here, and this is really rather good y’know.  Continue reading “Mushroom Picker’s Pastries”

Salade de Lentilles aux 2 Oignons et Herbes

Or lentil salad with 2 onions and herbs, in plain old english.

Now this may sound incredibly simple, it is. And yet it’s so, so incredibly good. And fully veegs n’all. Continue reading “Salade de Lentilles aux 2 Oignons et Herbes”

Red Cabbage Steaks with Hazelnut Dressing

Whoa mama this is good eating right here.

The latest in the line of calling things steak, please delight with us in the wonder that is the red cabbage steak.

Our favourite vegan steak to date.    Continue reading “Red Cabbage Steaks with Hazelnut Dressing”

Greengage and Vanilla Tart

Lovin us some greengage and vanilla tart right now. Seasonal loveliness. Continue reading “Greengage and Vanilla Tart”

Horta on Toast with Flowering Oregano and Sriracha

This is an autumnal horta on toast, on account of the flowering oregano.

Horta is the Greek catch-all word for greens, most usually braised and doused in olive oil and lemon juice, and this is chuffing amazing.

Total vegan offerings.

Continue reading “Horta on Toast with Flowering Oregano and Sriracha”

Triple H Flatbreads

Hummus, halloumi, harissa, the three h’s of the fertile crescent!

This is some 5 star, class A action right here – that’s ready in about 15 mins flat.

Kicking off International Veggie Month in style, don’t you think. I say kicking off, we’re a few days late, true to form and unapologetically so.   Continue reading “Triple H Flatbreads”


K-fries, of the meat-free variety. Cuz k-fries usually comes complete with beef bulgogi, a quintessentially Korean dish, meaning ‘fire meat’. But enuff about that given we’ve taken it out, it isn’t missed!

A Korean-American hybrid, obvs, these are nachos’ cool young cuz.

Oven french fries, kimchi, quickled red chilli, spring onions, and coriander, dripping in cheese and sour cream, what more could you ask for? Perfect sharing street food.  Continue reading “K-fries”

Coquina Squash & Black Bean Quesadillas

Tasty quesadillas, yes you are. With smoky chipotle salsa so you are. Great little recipe this, sassy.   Continue reading “Coquina Squash & Black Bean Quesadillas”

Blackberry Vodka


Blackberry vodka, yes please!

More foraging escapades for ya….

To make yours, you’ll need two bottles, one with a swing top, and some muslin.  Continue reading “Blackberry Vodka”

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