Cookie Box Shopping List

While each cookie itself is easy to make with simple ingredient lists, there’s no two ways about it, making cookie boxes is quite an undertaking.

So here’s everything you’ll need together in one list to make this European flavoured cookie box,┬áplus handy tips for creating your own. Continue reading “Cookie Box Shopping List”

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So it goes that this year’s Christmas cookie choices follow our European hearts.

In pursuit of the ultimate festive cookie box we revisit Florentines, making them mini, try our hand at Vanillekipferl, explore the glorious world of Polvorones, rekindle a family favourite, and blow minds with a chocolate espresso affair.

A recipe a day, stay tuned!

Love, Charlie x

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We’re all about seasonal, sustainable living here at Charlie’s. Welcome to our site, where we love to share environmentally conscious recipes that are givin’ it Charlie Big Potatoes.


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Mini Florentines

Florentines are one of my all time favourite things. So we’re back again this Christmas with mini ones, which isn’t as straightforward as it sounds! But they’re still quick and easy with a wow factor beyond effort gone in.

I love the way the melted chocolate dribbles slowly through the gaps in the caramelised fruits and almonds and sets as yummy little nodules amongst it all. Continue reading “Mini Florentines”

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