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One Pot Pasta Primavera

One more for ya, perhaps saving the best til last. This is delish, as they all are!

You’ve got the gist by now – pasta, sauce – one pot.

We’ve adpated this one a little bit, we swapped the orecchiette for orzo to a very pleasing risotto like effect, went for asparagus instead of green beans and chucked in some baby leeks for good measure. We were heartly chuffed with the results.  Continue reading “One Pot Pasta Primavera”

Tomato and Basil One Pot Pasta

Yes mate! Another one pot pasta to add to your repertoire, of the tomato and basil variety. This one’s vegan too – it’s so good there’s no need parmesan even.

Energy saving n’all… holla! Continue reading “Tomato and Basil One Pot Pasta”

Four Cheese One Pot Pasta

Four Cheeses. One pot. Yuh-huh baby!

This is inspired, let’s get down to it shall we. Continue reading “Four Cheese One Pot Pasta”

Watermelon, Avo and Quinoa Salad

There’s a whole lot of goodness going on here folks… Continue reading “Watermelon, Avo and Quinoa Salad”

Herb Baked Eggs

Baked eggs, the LBD of the food world. Well ours anyway. Crack out for breakfast, lunch,  late supper, heck… even brunch.

An Ina Garten classic. Rich, creamy and delightfully comforting.
Continue reading “Herb Baked Eggs”

Shay Ancho Burrito

Fully veegs this one – been a while!

This delectable number is from Shay Ola’s Death By Burrito book. As seen by the big potatoes on Jamie’s Food Tube.

A die for burrito – and nothing else had to! Continue reading “Shay Ancho Burrito”

Pea, Mint and Spring Onion Soup w/ Parmesan Crisps

Love makin’ soup, who doesn’t?

Here’s one thats full-on summer soup for summer, and really quick and easy to make, as most summer soups are. Continue reading “Pea, Mint and Spring Onion Soup w/ Parmesan Crisps”

Gooseberry Galette


You’re probably bored of our galette obsession already but we’re not gunna tire of them any day soon.

We couldn’t resist making a galette with the the red and green gooseberries we bought at the market.

In fact it occurs to us that a galette is the perfect way to show case the wonderful seasonal goods you bought on impulse because you couldn’t help yourself. They are seriously good things, believe.

We’ve covered galettes in recent times so this is more of a pictures post tbh…. Continue reading “Gooseberry Galette”

Beetroot Rice with Feta

This. Is. Incredible.

Make some noise for the latest favourite child, beetroot rice. And make it a culinary priority in your life.

Straight from this month’s Olive magazine – they strike again – with this game changing salad! Cuz let’s face it, this is a salad of finely chopped beetroot with other fine ingredients, there ain’t no rice involved.

The dressing is to die for, are you making this yet? Continue reading “Beetroot Rice with Feta”

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