Freekeh, Artichoke and Golden Onion Salad

You know a salad’s gunna rock when ya gotta get a frying pan out. Much like the halloumi, chick pea and roasted tomato salad from last week’s fridge series.

Meet Charlie’s new favourite salad. Reckon a new favourite salad comes along about once every two years, you know, a really good salad that blows your socks off. Can’t remember what the old fave was, such is the elegant fabulousness of this freekin delight. 

40 mins | serves 3 | easy (a little effort for a salad)

DSC_0048 (1)


100g freekeh

30g large sultanas

2 medium onions

4 tbsp olive oil

3 tbsp sherry vinegar

1 tsp caster sugar

2 tsp cumin seeds

half a 280g jar good quality artichokes hearts in olive oil

handful of barely chopped dill


200g lebneh

small bunch of flat leaf parsley, chopped

small bunch dill, chopped


Cook the freekeh following the instructions on the packet, drain it and leave in the strainer to cool having drizzled a little olive oil over it to prevent clumping. Meanwhile, pop your sultanas in a bowl, cover them with boiling water and set aside for a bit.

Cook the onions over a low heat in 2 tbsp olive oil in a large frying pan until really caramelised and golden, this takes about 30mins. While they’re gently cooking away, mix the dressing ingredients together in a bowl, dressing done. Hold some of the chopped herbs to stir through the freekeh later on.

Toast the cumin seeds in a dry frying pan and drain yer sultanas. Once the onions are golden, remove a third of them from pan, then add the vinegar, sugar, cumin, sultanas and another 2 tbsp olive oil to the pan. Stir it up, then take off the heat and season.

Transfer the freekeh to a mixing bowl and add the glorious onion/sultana affair and those chopped herbs and mix everything together.

Get ye freekeh to a serving plate, drain the artichokes and pile them over, then spoon over the lebneh dressing in dollops. Scatter the reserved onions and garnish with lots of sprigs of dill.


This is the second recipe from ‘These 5 Grains’. Keep your eye out for the third in the series tomorrow, quinoa burgers with smashed avocado and roasted red pepper sauce.



Taken from Olive magazine online, which shows you how to make lebneh. We did our usual of not reading the recipe properly before starting and didn’t see that making lebneh requires one to drain Greek yoghurt through muslin overnight. We didn’t have an overnight so we bought some, but the lebneh knowhow is good to have.



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