Leek and Stilton Crumble

T5G part 4.

Get your chops round this at your earliest opportunity. 

60 mins | serves 2-3 | easy



2 leeks, large

1 onion, chopped

100g stilton – roughly!

50g butter

50g plain flour

1 tsp or so english mustard

100ml vegetable stock

100ml milk


100g oats

100g plain flour

75g butter

50g sunflower kernels

2 tbsp thyme leaves

25g parmesan, grated


Oven 180°C.

Butter, onions, pan, on. Give the onions a few by themselves and add the leeks that you have lovingly washed, split in half lengthways and chopped into 2 cm slices. Season lightly. We’re going for a roux type situation here, so after about four to five mins over a medium heat, sprinkle over the flour and stir it into the butter. Cook this for one minute over a low heat.

Then gradually add the milk in two stages stirring as you go, and continue with stock once the milk’s all in. Give this 2-3 to bubble gently and thicken, then stir in the mustard, crumble in the stilton and stir again. Give it another minute or so until all the cheese has melted into the sauce. Taste and season if required.


Flour, butter, bowl. Rub together until it resembles breadcrumbs. Add the oats, thyme, sunflower kernels and parmesan and mix it up. If you season at all do so carefully, the cheeses bring the salty. Sprinkle evenly over the base, pat down and ensure it reaches the edges. Bung in the oven for 25mins or until the topping is golden brown and the filling is bubbling up.

Et voila.


Leeks are in season still, just. Well in the UK they are, where we are. Don’t delay, this is comfort food at it’s finest.

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