Grains and Greens Scramble

Another grained-up recipe, this one’s a great way to use any leftover grains you may have from trying one of the recipes from These 5 Grains. Nifty, eh?

10 mins | serves 2 | easy 



4 large eggs

splosh milk

1/2 small onion, finely chopped

30g butter, for cooking

2 cloves garlic, sliced

250g leafy greens – kale, Swiss chard without the ribs or spinach

1/2 cup cooked grains (works best with freekeh, farro, barley or buckwheat groats)

fresh chives, chopped


Heat half the butter in a saute pan over a medium heat. Add the onion and saute for 2 mins until soft. Follow up with the greens and saute until they are wilted, adding the garlic at the last minute, and then removing from the pan onto a plate. Pan back on the heat to warm the grains through, about 3 mins, you shouldn’t need any more fat for this but add a little oil if needed. Turf them out the pan onto the plate too and put the pan back onto a gentle heat with the remaining butter.

Beat the eggs together with the milk and chives. Top tip: Don’t add salt to eggs while they’re cooking, this goes especially for scramble, omelette and poached. The salt prevents the egg from coagulating.

Pour the eggs into the pan and let them set a real little bit before pulling in gently from the sides to the middle. When the eggs are 2/3s done, so the top layer is still runny, lay the greens and grains over half the pan, so that they will cook into the egg a bit but still be attractively visible. Let the eggs cook through and season before taking off the heat.

Serve in the pan with lots of black pepper and a goodly sprinkling of chives.

Have it.

DSC_0237 (1)


Got to admit we weren’t convinced grains and eggs would work together but we needn’t of fretted, they do, marvellously well. Plus, chives are at their very best in March, hapiness ensues.


Here’s our source: epicurious





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