Les Trois Omelettes

Keeping it simple this week at the CBP hub. Three luscious omelettes, to appease the gods of easter.

We’re kicking off with Grains and Greens later today. Hotly chased by the classic California Scramble on Thursday, leaving the best til last with the refined elegance of Omelette Arnold Bennett for Good Friday’s post.

We love a food back story round here, and OAB’s origin is one of the best there is. Would you permit us repeating the tale for you here?

The 1920’s were clearly an excellent time for food. Green Goddess Dressing, Caeser Salad and OAB are all from the 20’s. They are all world famous dishes, and have been for nearly 100 years.

Story goes the fluffy wonder omelette was perfected to Arnold’s whim during his long stay at The Savoy Hotel while he was writing his second novel.

Such was the success of Jean Baptiste Virlogeux, The Savoy’s exec chef that reportedly Bennett would pass the perfected recipe to the chef where ever he stayed in the world from then on. It has never left The Savoy’s menu, understandably, so we are in good company on Friday.

Back later with the recipe for Greens and Grains Scramble….




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