Words are almost failing us with this one. Nevermind how easy it is to throw together, which it is, this is ridiculously delicious and zesty. Make this, make this now. Please.

PS: It’s vegan, but then you’d expect that of a salsa verde so no big shakes. But have we impressed upon you yet how good this is? 

10 mins | simple as

You’ll need…

3 big leaves Swiss Chard, red or rainbow

1 shallot

3/4 cup olive oil, don’t hold back tho if ya don’t wanna

1 tbsp red wine vinegar

grated lemon zest


…What you’re gunna do is take the shallot and dice it very finely before steeping it in the vinegar while you turn your attention to the chard.

Cut the stems from the leafy bits and finely slice the stems seperately to chopping the leaves – fairly neatly – this is a salsa.

Add the chard into the shallot/vinegar mix, grate over some lemon zest, as much as you fancy, and throw in some chopped chives. Dowse the whole lot in olive oil, season well and give it a right old mix up.

Job done.



Recipe is from Bon Appétit.