Parsnips and Kale with Cream

Word up. Pretty excited about sharing this one, yeh we know it’s just a side dish, sure, but we’ve been cooking and enjoying this creamy delight for years, so it feels like introducing a good friend to you.

A seasonal pairing, just not this season, naughty!

20 mins | serves 2 as a side | easy 

Take four parsnips, some kale, cream, butter and nutmeg DSC_0442






Peel, then ribbon up yer ‘snips like so DSC_0453





You’ll have noticed the spare ones outside the bowl. Gets to a point where you can’t keep ribboning so we’re saving these to make soup. We’ll share the recipe next week.

Get a saute pan nice and hot with some butter and a little glug of oil. We want the parsnips to start browning almost immediately on hittin’ dat pan. Fry for 4-5mins and drain on paper towel. You may want to do this in batches, don’t be cramming the pan. DSC_0457

Chop and wash the kale, add a little more butter to the pan to melt and throw in the kale. Stir fry over a high heat for 4 mins or so, add 1-2 tbsp or water if you feel the pan is getting to hot and dry, it will evaporate away.

Remove from the heat for a bit, return the parsnips to the pan, grate over some nutmeg, season well and pour in some cream DSC_0459





Back on the heat for a few, bit of stirring, and ya done.


This is good enough to serve at special occasions, it’s a bit too much faff to suggest it for a part in Christmas day offerings with everything else that’s going on in the kitchen, but it is that good. We’re just saying.

And winter is the right timing for both parsnips and kale, just saying.

Another beaut from Valentine Warner for Olive.



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