Parsnip, Potato and Dill Soup

So, d’ya remember we had some parsnips leftover from the Veggie Power series last week? Can’t think why you would but humour us.

We made soup, which is about our favourite thing to do in culinary terms, just rustling up a soup from end bits and balls-ups.*

Making soup generates such a virtuously warm feeling it boarders on the smug. Add to that that due to the potato this soup becomes thick and creamy all by it’s self, and you have yourself a four ingredient vegan alert.

So with a smugness value of high, off we go. 

45 mins | serves 2-3 | easy 


DSC_0369 (1)

6 parsnips, ideally

1 potato, large

1 onion


oil for roasting


We’re gunna roast the veggies a tad to bring out the deep earthy sweetness of the parsnips. Peel and chop the first three, bung it all in a baking tray, mix the chopped dill with some oil first then toss the veg in the dill oil. This nifty trick prevents herbs or garlic from burning, assuming a shortish cooking time.

Roast at 180°C for 15mins. Tip from the baking tray into a saucepan, cover the lot with water, season, bring to the boil and let simmer for 15mins until everything is really soft and tender.

When it is, get the blender out and blend it all up. That’s it, you have a tasty soup on your hands.




* The best soup we ever made was an out of this world chickpea and chorizo soup, that had the night before been a terrible, terrible, chickpea curry. The curry was so hot it was inedible, but we managed to tame it into a rich flavoursome soup and saved the food from potential binning, which has always been tantamount to a sin at CBP.

Source: we did this!

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