With feta dressing no less. Check this.

45mins | serves 3 | easy



1 tin puy lentils

3 carrots

3 beetroot

1 onion

1 tbsp harissa

1/2 lime, juice

spoonful of honey


100g feta

1/4 clove garlic

100ml milk, roughly

small handfuls of parsley, dill and mint


Peel and chop yer beetroot into chunks, and yer onion, and peel and baton yer carrots. Toss in oil in a baking tray, season and bung in the oven at 180°C for about 35 mins or until they look roasted.

Drain and rinse the puy lentils and mix with the harissa paste, lime juice and honey in a bowl.

In another bowl, crumble up the feta as much you can with a fork or whatev’s, and gradually stir in the milk to thin it all down to a dressing consistency. Grate in the garlic so it’s a paste, go easy, remember how strong raw garlic can be. Season. *Or you could buy the spanking new Odysea feta and greek yoghurt spread which mimicks the whipped feta crazing in restaurants about now.

Build your salad in your chosen serving dish as you see fit.

Double tasty.


The chillies depicted here are purely decorative and bear no relation to real life characters or the recipe at hand.

We saw this on Today’s Tiffin Instagram feed and recreated it, we hope.