Sarnie Week!

No two ways about it, lunch is the bitch of the bunch when it comes to eating kind and sticking to one’s guns.

So what with it being British Sarnie Week an’all, here are 5 of the best sandwiches – that are also vegan.

Hear me now. 

Cover shot: Smashed White Bean and Avo 

This open sandwich is next level good. There’s something about smashing up beans that lifts them to another plane, none more so, in our view, than the white bean. Can’t even begin to tell you how amazingly well every ingredient goes with every other ingredient. Pulse the beans with some olive oil in a processor, season and off ya go.


This is very exicting cuz these little babies are our first ever home-sprouted alfalfa! A classic combination of falafel and alfalfa, with shallot, carrot, radish, lettuce and tahini dip.  You could so power up this sarnie with hemp hearts, we’d so meant to include hemp hearts in this one, but forgot. Get Biona organic vegan falafels, they’re the best shop bought ones we reckon.

Black Bean, Butternut Squash and Kale Pesto

Our favourite bean had to make an appearance in this list. Black beans and bn squash go so well together this is like cheating. Whack in some rocket, and a kale pesto (without the parmesan) and you’ve got yourself some right tasty eat kind nosh.

Banh Mi 

Okay, ok, so it’s not a true banh mi – it’s in a baguette – but it is ridiculously delicious and fresh, with marinated tofu! D’ya know what, this one can’t be summed up so easy, we’ll return with the full deets later.

Club Med 

I know, right. A vegan med sandwich, it’s happening. It’s all about the black olive tapenade kids. And the roasted/gridled veggies, and the basil. And rocket. Tapenade on both sides of the bread folks, warmed ciabatta most preferrably.



Which one do you want to try first? Leave a comment below and let us know which one floats your boat the most.

Smashed white bean and avo Real Simple

Alfalfalafel – our doing

Black bean and bn squash stuff on toast (instagram)

Banh mi The Back Yard Lemon Tree

Club Med Lazy Cat Kitchen (pinterest)


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