Panko Eggs with Quickled Spring Veg Salad

Stone the crows this is good.

What happened here is we merged together two recipes in this month’s Olive magazine. Crafty.

Saw the panko eggs and decided there and then we had to have them. It being a weekday however, we couldn’t just go eating bacon willy nilly, which is what accompanied the panko eggs in their original guise.

So we married them instead with the pickled spring veg salad on another page and came up with this.

30 mins | Serves 2 | some faff 


DSC_0387 (1)

3 eggs, freshest you can get yer hands on


panko breadcrumbs

oil for deep frying


lamb’s lettuce

baby or chantenay carrots, scrubbed and halved

radishes, halved

2 spring onions cut on the diagonal into 2cm lengths


quickling liquid:

150ml white wine vinegar

75g golden caster sugar

1 tsp yellow mustard seeds

6 black peppercorns

75ml water


DSC_0393 (1)

Put all the quickling bits in a pan and bring to a simmer. Simmer very gently for 3 mins and take off the heat. Throw in the carrots, radishes and spring onions, put a lid on it and leave to cool to room temperature.

Now then, these eggs. We’re gunna poach two of them for 2 mins precisely and transfer them to an ice water bowl. Leave ’em in there for a few.

Beat the other egg in a shallow bowl and get the flour and breadcrumbs on seperate plates. Heat 4cm of oil in wok, keeping an eye on it.

Taking one egg at a time, drain it, then pat it dry very gently with kitchen towel. And then, also very gently, you’re gunna coat the egg all over in flour best ya can – this will not be pretty. From the flour into the beaten egg, coat thoroughly – again jokes – and when your satisfied with the degree of coating, move to the panko breadcrumbs.

Once both your eggs are coated and the oil is hot, fry the eggs for 1 min on each side until golden and crispy, remove from the pan and drain. Do them one at a time if you wanna.

Have your bed of leaves ready and place an egg in a well in the centre. remove the spring veg from the vinegar with a slotted spoon and arrange it around the eggs.

For a dressing, mix the pickling vinegar with some dijon mustard, olive oil and lots of salt and pepper. Spoon over everything but the eggs and serve straight away, no messin.

This was a triumph, we felt like we’d won cooking.


The 2 recipes we merged together were:

Spring salad with panko eggs

Pickled veg and parma salad with whipped feta

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