3 Ways with Elderflowers

Number 2. Elderflower Cordial


Deliriously happy right now. As I type, 3 bottles of hot elderflower cordial are cooling in the kitchen, and when they’ve cooled it’s ready!

Smug doesn’t come close. From woodland to glass, we did it all! And that feels really good, man. We know exactly what’s in our cordial, I walked there and back so there aren’t any air miles, nothing had to die to bring me one of my all time favourite things. All this and healthy on the wallet.

Sweet mama this is good people (cordial). Passed the taste test and then some and it smells so delightfully sweet and floral. Cannot wait to try a glass in it’s pure form as a refreshing summer cooler, then get straight down to the hedgerow fizz.

30 mins + over night | makes 1.5ltr | easy, hugely enjoyable faff



25-30 freshly picked elderflower heads

1kg sugar

3 lemons, zest and juice

1 orange, zest and juice

3 x 500ml swing top bottles


Inspect the elderflower heads carefully and remove any insects by dunking into a bowl of water. Tear off most of the stalk, the bigger stalks can be bitter, and place the sprays in a large bowl or pan with the orange and lemon zest.

Bring 1.75 litres water to the boil and pour over the flowers and zest. Cover and leave overnight to infuse.

Next day strain the liquid through muslin into a saucepan (a sieve lined with two sheets of kitchen paper gets the job done too).  Add the sugar and freshly squeezed lemon and orange juice.

Heat gently to dissolve the sugar, then bring to a simmer and keep it there for a couple of minutes.

Sterilise your bottles and pour the hot syrup into the bottles with a funnel while they are still piping hot, seal the bottles straight away. Fill right to the top as it shrinks a little as it cools. 

La-lala-lala cordial.


Just as Nigel was our go to for the fritters, Hugh F-W is our go to for the cordial, naturally.

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