Don’t fear the freekeh

C’mon baby, don’t fear the freekeh.

Cast your minds back to the These 5 Grains post we did a few months ago. Y’know, the one where we banged on forever about the virtue of five ancient grains.

Greenwheat freekeh was among them, and the salad we made with artichokes, golden onions and labneh instantly became Charlie’s new fave.

Well it’s back gracing our salad bowl and between the freekeh and the hemp hearts, this little beauty packs a whopper protein punch. And a taste sensation. 

Get some: 


golden onions

sultanas, soaked in boiling water for a few mins and drained

tsp za’atar

tsp ground corriander

pomegranate seeds

hemp hearts

fresh mint

Cook the freekeh as the packet tells you (just like rice only for 20mins), drain and allow to cool down some.

While it’s cooling cook the onions until their golden and add the za’atar, coriander and sultanas for the last couple of minutes of cooking. Yer onions’ll take about 30mins.

Mix the onions et al into the freekeh and add half the pomegranate seeds, half the mint, and crumble in most of the feta and toss together. Transfer to a serving dish and top with the remaining pomegranate, feta and mint.

It’s so good all it needs in the way of dressing is a drizzle mi dizzle of olive oil and a serious pepper grinding.



We threw this biz together, sure we’re not the first to.

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