Basically this is just a collection of all four of my all time favourite summer fruits, plus an apple.

And d’ya know what? It’s the apple that makes it. Apple and mint are best friends as we know, here it’s cut up real small and so gets pretty pally with the rose water too and just brings everything together as one. The fruits are left to steep in rosewater which amplifies their sweetness.

10 mins + 30 steeping | serves 3 | easy



1/2 pineapple

1/2 apple – pink lady good

2 nectarines

cherries, some

raspberries, some

mint, some

3-4 tsp rosewater

sort of Method

Prep and chop the fruit except the raspberries, leaving the apple til last and chopping that pretty small.

Finely chop the mint leaving the really tiny sprigs whole, whack the whole lot in a dish and sprinkle the rosewater over it.

Cover and leave to steep for up to 30mins.

Easy eatin’.