Tortellini in Pea & Basil Broth

This on the other hand is pretty sexy – a filling, really tasty dinner in under 15 mins. Yep.

‘Cheat’s Delight’. But you can see why we’ve been chippin’ on about the virtues of having homemade vegetable stock ready to go, eh?

’bout 12 mins | serves 2 | laughably easy


250g packet of spinach and ricotta tortellini, or other veggie filling

500ml vegetable stock (you know the score)

2 handfuls frozen peas

small bunch basil, shredded

lemon juice, a squeeze


Salt and pepper


Heat the stock in pan and once boiling throw the tortellini in. Don’t cook any that are broken, the filling will break free into the broth and ruin everything.

Cook the pasta for 1 minute and add the peas, cook for 2 mins or until the tortellini float.

Divide pasta and broth between dishes, annoint with lemon juice, sprinkle with basil and finish with a ruddy good grating of parmesan.

Speedy tortellini.


PS: we thought we’d try it with mint one time which wound up in the photos – do stick to the recipe’s advised basil when you do it – it’s amazingly delicious. Mint not so much!

Recipe by Janine Ratcliffe writing for Olive in June 2009

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