Veggie Pasties, yey!

So it’s taken us a while to get round to sharing but we made veggie pasties to use up all the veg from making vegetable stock the other week.

Pasties are one of the best ways to use up leftovers, a principle that applies to veggies as much as it does your leftover roast beef.

Yummier than the sum of its parts, definitely. 

1hr | serves 4 | a little bit o’faff 



1 x leek, sliced and diced (chopped)

leftover cooked carrots, onions and celery, chopped

1/2 a swede, peeled and diced

1 x large potato, peeled and diced

200ml h/m veg stock

bay leaves

fresh thyme, leaves only/mostly

Salt and lots of black pepper


400g plain flour

100g stork

100g trex

pinch of salt

cold water

1 egg for binding and glazing purposes – or water to seal and oil to glaze to keep it vegan


The pastry, make it. Whack it in the fridge, covered in cling, while you’re doing other things, good to give it 20mins or so before getting on with the filling. Or buy it.

The filling, cook it up in a little vegetable or sunflower oil, lightly season it. Give the veg a few minutes by themselves to sweat a little before adding the stock. Cook, stirring sometimes, for about 10-15mins over a low-medium heat to reduce the stock. Add a little more salt and tons of pepper, it’s the pepper that brings that distinctive hum of heat characteristic of a Cornish pasty.

Remember this is going to be quicker to cook because the onions and carrots are already cooked.

Oven onto 180°C while you make the pasties.

Get yer pastry back, onto a floured board or surface, divide the ball into 4 with a knife and roll out each bit into a circle. We’re pretty pants at this bit, you’ll make much prettier pasties we’re sure.

Pile some filling just off centre of each circle, spreading it into a rough line, you need less than you think, about a tablespoon and a bit per one works – for us with our crappy rolling skills!

Wet the rims of each pasty with water or beaten egg and fold the wider side of yer pastry over the filling. Squish the edges together and fold them up and over themselves or crimp the edges – just find your way of ensuring that the edges are fully sealed. Brush with egg wash, or a little oil if you want to keep it vegan (using water to wet the pastry also), sprinkle with sesame seeds and/or nigella seeds and bung in the oven on a baking tray for 25 mins or thereabouts.

Pasty Up.


Happy Friday y’all.


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