Shay Ancho Burrito

Fully veegs this one – been a while!

This delectable number is from Shay Ola’s Death By Burrito book. As seen by the big potatoes on Jamie’s Food Tube.

A die for burrito – and nothing else had to!

1hr roughly | serves 4 | easy 



2 dried ancho chillies

150g puy lentils

1 red onion, sliced

2 cloves garlic, crushed

2 bay leaves

100g tomato puree

oil for cooking

4 tortilla wraps


1 ripe plantain

1 gem lettuce

pomegranate seeds


Get your griddle pan nice and hot and toast the dried chillies for a minute or so on each side to release the smoky flava. Then soak them in boiling water for 30mins.

Meanwhile… heat a little oil in a saute pan, chuck the onions in and give ’em a couple of minutes to soften before adding the garlic. Stir, let the garlic see the pan, and toss in the lentils and bay leaves. Give that all a stir about and add 500ml of cold water. Bring to a simmer and let that bubble away for 20 mins.

Remove the seeds for the chillies and get them in yer blender with the tomato puree and a little of the chilli water and whizz together. Add this paste to the lentils, which at this stage aint gunna look or smell pretty, just saying. Stir the paste in and leave it simmering while you tend to the plantain.

Peel and diagonally slice the plantain, get a pan with some oil hot and fry the plantain for 2 mins on both sides.


Take a thin slice off the bottom of the lettuce and quarter it length ways. Wilt the quarters in the pan you’ve just used for the plantain. Check on the lentils every now and again, give a jig about.

Get a clean pan on the go for your tortillas, give them a few seconds on each side on high.

Load em up, Shay does it lettuce, lentils, plantain, pomegranate, roll – no reason to change that up, no reason at all.

Once rolled, you can pop your burrito back in the pan for a few seconds over the heat again to seal the wrap.



But don’t take our word for it – check out Shay Ola’s original on FoodTube if ya haven’t already.

4 thoughts on “Shay Ancho Burrito

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    1. They really are superb, do try them! Plantains are at their best when the yellow skin is turning black and a bit bruised, the blacker the better, Shay says!


  1. I am going to send this to my nephew and his partner in Cancun, Mexico. Newly veggie and I am sure they will love this. Daphne Willson. France.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your nephew would probably be interested in Shay Ola’s book Death by Burrito in which case – this one is so good I forgot I was eating lentils!! Thanks Daphne, have a great day.


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