Blackberry Vodka


Blackberry vodka, yes please!

More foraging escapades for ya….

To make yours, you’ll need two bottles, one with a swing top, and some muslin. 

10 mins + 3 days | makes 1 litre | simple


300g blackberries

3 tbsp caster sugar

70cl vodka



First up sterilise your macerating bottle. Wash really well in very hot water then put in a low oven to completely dry out.

Wash the blackberries thoroughly and stuff them into the cooled sterilised jar. Add the sugar and vodka with a funnel, close up the lid and shake really well so the sugar is distributed nicely. Leave in a cool dark place for 3 days, giving the jar a shake a couple of times a day.

Strain the vodka into a clean bottle. To get a clear liquid, strain through muslin into a bowl first and then pour into your serving bottle. Serve ice cold, neat or with your choice of mixer.


We saw this in September’s edition of Olive magazine. And we love it!


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