K-fries, of the meat-free variety. Cuz k-fries usually comes complete with beef bulgogi, a quintessentially Korean dish, meaning ‘fire meat’. But enuff about that given we’ve taken it out, it isn’t missed!

A Korean-American hybrid, obvs, these are nachos’ cool young cuz.

Oven french fries, kimchi, quickled red chilli, spring onions, and coriander, dripping in cheese and sour cream, what more could you ask for? Perfect sharing street food. 

20 mins | serves 2-3 | easy as  


400g oven french fries – or thereabouts

100g kimchi, roughly chopped

2 spring onions, sliced on the diagonal

75g cheddar/veggie cheddar, grated

small tub sour cream

small bunch coriander

quickled chilli:

1 long red chilli (or more for laters)

200ml cider vinegar

200g caster sugar


Get quickling first, heat the sugar and vinegar in a pan gently til all the sugar is dissolved, throw the chilli in, heat for a minute or so and set aside for as long as you have (minimum 15mins). This stinks, so if you can put it outside somewhere safely then do that.

Meantime heat the oven to 220°c and cook the fries according to their packet. Once cooked, transfer the fries to an ovenproof dish and layer up with the kimchi and half the cheddar.

Whack that under a hot grill for a couple of mins and when the cheese is melty add the spring onions, sliced chilli, and the rest of the cheese, give it a good seasoning with s&p and slap it back under the grill for a couple.

When you happy with the meltiness of the cheese and crispiness of the fries, remove from the grill, top with dollops of sour cream, garnish with lots of coriander, and delve in.

Hey ho, let’s go.


Adapted (and by adapted we mean taking the meat element away) from K-Food: Korean Home Cooking and Street Food by Da-Hae and Gareth West.

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