Salade de Lentilles aux 2 Oignons et Herbes

Or lentil salad with 2 onions and herbs, in plain old english.

Now this may sound incredibly simple, it is. And yet it’s so, so incredibly good. And fully veegs n’all.

15mins max | serves 2-3 | soooo easy


1 pack cooked puy lentils

1/2 red onion

2-3 spring onions


small bunches of parsley, oregano and basil


Get yee packet of lentils open and give them a rinse in a sieve or whatevs. Finely dice half a red onion and quickle it a bowl in a little salt and enough white wine vinegar to mostly cover it. Give it 5-10mins, longer the better.

Clean and trim 2-3 spring onions and slice them on the diagonal. Make a vinaigrette with the vinegar and red onion (start in another bowl, dijon first, s&p, olive oil, emulsify, add in the vinegar and onions).

Chop up some herbs, we had parsley, oregano and a little basil. Whack the whole lot together, give it a light toss, transfer to a serving plate, garnish with more herbs and a squeeze of lemon juice, season and eat it. If you’ve got a mo to let the lentils and dressing get cosy then all the better.


Loosely based on LaCath’s salade de lentilles aux 2 oignons et herbs from way back in August 2010.

It’s loosely based as my French isn’t good enough to follow a whole recipe, I know LaCath’s version has ground cumin in it, but opted to keep ours simple and not try and bumble through a half understood instruction. Yes we could have translated the page but where’s the fun in that!┬áIt’s delicious nonetheless, a really great recipe – cheers LaCath!

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