Saudi Champagne

A little something to accompany the saffron roast tomatoes and Persian chilau of yesterday’s post.

Saudi champagne is a really delicious non-alcoholic drink that’s so refreshing it actually makes your mouth water.

A perfect drink to serve for guests who are driving, even non-drivers will want at least one when they see it, remember that. 

10 mins | makes 8 glasses | very easy


3 large lemons, juice

40g caster sugar

1ltr good quality apple juice, chilled

600g perrier water – it has to be perrier to be authentic apparently, chilled

1 red apple

handful mint leaves, some left whole some shredded


Heat the lemon juice and sugar over a low heat, stirring, til the sugar has dissolved completely. Allow to cool.

Eighth and core the apple and cut each 8th into thin slices, divide the apple slices and mint between the glasses. Mix together the lemon syrup, apple juice and water and pour into the glasses.


Enjoyed throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere we’d hazard, this recipe comes from Diana Henry like yesterday’s recipes. Same book, Crazy Water Pickled Lemons.

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