Chocolate Slabs

Festive foods for festive times….

Chocolate slabs are so easy to make it feels like cheating. Risk free gift making.

This is ours, what’s yours?

This is enough for one 20cm square slab, you’ll wanna increase the quantities a little for a rectangular slab/baking sheet, or multiples of. 

15 mins + setting time | makes 1 | p’ah


250g chocolate you like eating

1 crunchie, crushed up

handful pecans, halved

handful shelled pistachios, roughly chopped

handful dried cranberries

1 orange


Well, you know. Line yer baking sheet with greaseproof paper up the sides as well – do meddle with the corners, cut and fold the edges over each other so the base and edges of your finished slab are as smooth as possible.

Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of gently boiling water. leave it be for the first minute or two then give it the occasional stir with a spatular.

When fully melted, pour the chocolate into the lined sheet, smoothing it out so it’s level and adorn with toppings. Zest the orange over the top – this is important as the oil in the peel is released over the whole thing and makes it wonderfully orangey.

Leave to set fully before wrapping in cellophane and keep in a cool, dry place til it’s given.


Should any slab survive devourment beyond day two, which is highly unlikely, the chocolate may start to look a bit dull – it’s still delicious!

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