Chocolate Fondue

Mmmmm… chocolate fondue for New Year’s Day. We’ve just started a new Big Potatoes tradition!

Quite the hardest part of making chocolate fondue is getting yer hands on a chocolate fondue set, we say.

We were gifted well this crimble peeps, gifted well.

Cue chocolate fondue with cubetti de french toast, cherries and pretzel stars for dipping. It’s really easy to go vegan here too, so both versions are listed below.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy 2017 x

10 mins + dipper prep | makes 1 | easy easy


150ml cream

75ml milk

400g good quality plain chocolate

Vegan version

180ml almond milk, or other non-dairy substitute

400g good quality plain chocolate


It’s the same for both versions, get everything in a bowl together over a saucepan of boiling water and melt. Stir frequently.

If you wish to add a flavour do it now – bourbon, single malt, vanilla, mint, kahlua, cointreau – whatev’s!

Transfer to the fondue bowl and dip away.



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