Kitchen Kit

It’s time to take a moment to celebrate the utensils we wouldn’t be without here at CBP.

To this papped collection, I’d add a zester, whisk, muslin, all the knifes and you’re good!

We’re giving a particular shout out to our amazing silver crest whizzer. This little beauty is the only whizzer we have, and it punches well above its weight. It’s not supposed to belong to a busy little food blogger – it gets pushed to its limits on a daily basis – but not only does it get the job done, albeit in several batches, it just keeps on going. No idea how long we’ve had it, it was a gift from my cuz, but it’s defo upwards of 5 years. 

As climate kinder eaters, ney as eaters, the mandolin and the julienne peeler open up new avenues and make life a whole lot easier – and faster! A julienne peeler costs about 4 quid – much cheaper than a spiralizer and a lot less messy – we’d highly recommend getting one for yourself.

It’s always worth investing in a really good knife and sharpening block, you know this. That would be my desert island gadget if I could bring only one.

What is your must have culinary gadgetry, and your kitchen champion? Let us know.

Kitchen musings. With love from our kitchen to yours, Charlie x

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