Beans beans beans!

We’ve got a little gathering of bean dishes coming up next for ya, inspired by a gift of magic beans from our roving reporter.

These stunning beans caught the eye of said reporter in a supermarket in Nairobi, beckoning her with their unique beauty. So she bought some and brought them home. 

And they are unique, njahi beans. They are the only species in the monotypic genus Lablab. Native to Kenya, and cultivated throughout the tropics cuz they is good for you. Eaten by pregnant and breastfeeding kikuyu women for time on account of their high iron content. They’re also big in zinc, B6, protein, folate, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous.

Not everyone has their own roving reporter granted, but we haven’t completely lost our minds sharing a post about an inaccessible ingredient. They’re available on Amazon, who’da thunk it.

With thanks to Kaluhi’s Kitchen, Kenyan Blog Awards winner 2016, for the wonderful njahi stew recipe that we’re gunna feature tomorrow.

Njahi Beans with Ginger and Spring Onion


Black-Eyed Bean and Plantain Pottage


Gigantes with Tomatoes and Horta

DSC_0007 1

See ya soonest.

ps: all three dishes are veganista!

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