Spinach Stem Salad / Ispanak Kökü Salatası

In Turkey and presumably elsewhere round those lovely Mediterranean ends, spinach is produced and sold with the roots still attached.

And quite right too, there are a number of recipes for just the stems of the spinach, how rad and climate kind is that!

Here’s just one of them, glorious unctuous simplicity itself. Totes veegs too.

This is an obvious thing to say but the roots taste really… well…. rooty…..

15 mins | serves 3 | easy ease



2 bunches stem-on spinach – or as many as you have
olive oil 
1 cloves garlic, mushed 
½ lemon, juice 
dill, chopped 
chervil sprigs
salt and pepper 


Clean up your leftover spinach stems (you need about 5cm left on the roots), remove any dodgy bits and wash throughly.

Steep the stems in boiling water for 2-3mins. Transfer them to a bowl of cold water.

When cooled a little, drain well and pat dry with kitchen towel. Throw all the other ingredients over the spinach in a fresh bowl, toss together, season well.

Dig in.


This recipe we found at Almost Turkish Recipes, where you’ll also find another salad recipe with the stems, and onions, garlic and yoghurt.

And if these two recipes aren’t enough for you, then here are a further 6 different ways to use spinach stems by ganga108 – a fellow WordPresser no less!

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