Been foraging again, for elderflowers. What else at this time of year, eh.

So now there are four recipes for these delectable little flowers available on the CBP website. Whoopeee!

This one is just as delicious as the others, and just a bit naughtier. It’s also somewhat of a cheat as far as making ice cream goes, so happy days. No churning required. 

10 mins + 3hrs freezing | serves 6 | soooooo easy


300ml double cream 
300ml homemade elderflower cordial, undiluted (cordial recipe)  
garnish with little sprigs of elderflowers if you can spare a small head, or fresh berries if you can’t


Whip the cream to soft peaks, then gradually add the cordial a bit at a time, whisking as you go.

Pour into a large tupperware, whack the lid on and bung it in the freezer for a minimum of 3 hours. If you’d rather you can freeze them in individual dessert glasses, I love the scoops.



Recipe comes from Mary Berry.