Hemp Milk

At last. Our very own nut sack! No more shop-bought nut milks for us.

The world of milks is a tricky one to navigate these days. The main contenders to evil cow’s milk, soy and almond are, unquestionably, kind to cows.

But climate kind they are not. The shop bought ones that is.

When it comes to soy we all know this. We’re not here to bang on about the horrific environmental impacts of soy and it’s kings, the (not so) new oil barons. And hey, you only need go back two posts on this website to find a tofu recipe. Nobody’s perfect!

No, we’re here to bang on about the almond variety white stuff, and the destructive properties of the industry behind it.

More than 80% of the world’s almond crop is grown in California, where a 5yr drought may have ended earlier this year but not it’s water problems. Almonds are thirsty little suckers, it takes 5 litres of water to grow 1 almond, yes, 1 almond. Not a problem until the world got itself addicted to dairy-free milk alternatives, dripping in profit for said kings (typically a carton of nut milk is less than 2% nut).

Now, this is not to say that almond is worse than cow’s milk, which takes roughly 100 litres of water to make 100ml of milk. Just that this concentration in one part of the world is destructive to the whole planet, land there is subsiding in parts by up to 11 inches per year due to ever deeper digging for water to feed the almonds. Which in turn could trigger earthquakes. I mean, c’mon.

On the other hand, there’s hemp.

Hemp is Gaia’s wonder plant. Stronger than wood for paper, stronger than cotton for clothes. Can be used for fuel, oils, medicine, food, rope, housing and even making (biodegradable) plastic.

It’s an incredibly sustainable, renewable resource that can grow in most climates and conditions around the world. More over, it takes only 1 acre of hemp to 4.1 acres of trees to make the same amount of paper. Stronger, more durable paper.

Reduced pesticide use, reduced deforestation, innumerable uses and health benefits to us.

That’s why it’s hemp milk for us all the way, baby.

Keep trees standing, choose hemp.

Unsweetened hemp milk: 

1 cup hemp seeds 
2 cups water 

Whizz everything together on turbo for about 2 mins, until the water turns milky.

Strain through a nut milk bag, squeezing out all the liquid from the seeds.


Word: There are a few recipes wandering about the internet that use hemp hearts. You could but that’s an extremely expensive way of going about it. The wholes seeds are considerably cheaper and better for the job at hand. Save your hearts for salads etc. Sweeten the milk as you come to use it, depending on the circumstances.







California drought:






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