Roasting Pumpkin Seeds

We’re here to help with all that post Halloween pumpkin you’re soon to have.

We’ve got three more banging pumpkin recipes for ya to add to the three beauts we brought you last year.

Ohh we checked. And we still chucked out 18,000 tonnes of the stuff as a nation last year.

No excuses now though hey, you can even roast up the seeds for tasty, tasty grazing snacks.

Here are three sorts to add to your repertoire….

30 mins | easy  

To roast pumpkin seeds, you need to pull away all the string and give the seeds a good wash to get rid of all pumpkin flesh. Give them a rinse and then pat them dry between sheets of kitchen paper or tea towels.

Lightly coat the seeds in flax or rapeseed oil and the flavours you desire in a shallow baking tray and roast at 190°C.

Now, they can take anywhere from 10-25mins to roast through, depending on the size and dryness of yer seeds.

Chilli and Fennel: chilli flakes and lightly crushed fennel seeds

Rosemary and Orange: finely chopped rosemary, orange zest and finished with a little sea salt

Sumac and Ginger: sprinkle with sumac and freshly grated ginger

The possibilities are limitless.


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