Use Your Loaf

Leftovers cooking requires an ingenuity not oft found in other cooking forms. Not to mention the essential role leftovers play in keepin it climate kind in the kitchen. With results frequently surpassing the meal they’re leftover from, it’s little wonder we find cooking with leftovers so darned rewarding.

Once a canny technique is understood, it can be applied in a myriad of ways to a myriad of ingredients.

So we’re sharing some of our fave ways of using up stale bread over coming days. Because such dishes personify the ingenuity we speak of, found in every corner of the world.

Take these bagel chips for instance. Tastier than the un-chipped bagel, we’d argue.


Tortilla chips, focaccia croutons, flatbread pizzas….. what are your favourite ways to use up stale bread? We’d love to hear yours, let us know in the comments.

Charlie x

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