Gold, Frankincense & Marmalade

These three kings of marmalade make for easy gifting of the homemade kind.

Together they make enough to give five peeps a trio of boozy marmalades with ample leftover for repeated testing!

Meet the crew coming atcha over the next few days…


From left to right….
Aperol and Red Grapefruit
Gin and Lime
Dark Rum and Orange 

We’ll post each recipe separately and then our approach to making them all in a day.

Jars and muslin to the ready! You’ll need:

15 x 250g jars, sterilised – with about 20mins marmalade cooking time to go
muslin and kitchen string
3 x large saucepan with lid (if making all 3 marmalades in one day)
a digital thermometer is very handy if you have one
extra sterilised jars at the ready just in case 

It’s this type of lid that makes a preserve jar a preserve jar as the metal disc is sucked in by the heat of the marmalade to create a vacuum. I hadn’t seen these vintage jars from Kilner before this year, aren’t they pretty.

Back soon x


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    1. Apologies I didn’t reply at the time. Hope the recipe appeals to you, it is messy fun to make, sets really well and a fantastic marmalade to give. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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