Have Yourself A Merry Eco Christmas

Our top picks for an eco conscious crimbletide.

GLOBAL: The Kin Project


The Kin Project challenges people to make one small change a month, if enough people join in, these small changes could make a really big difference. December’s challenge is to Switch Off Screens, previous challenges include Eat Less Face, Taste Not Waste and Our Plastic Problem. We know you’ll love Marie-Louise’s endlessly creative, genuinely helpful tips for wasting less as much as we do #switchoffscreens

UK: Olio


Join the food sharing revolution, a free app connecting people with their neighbours and local shops so surplus food can be shared not thrown away. Whether you’ve got food or want food, it’s a great way to cut down on food waste and leave a smaller footprint. And when better to join than now #lovefoodhatewaste

LOCAL: Eastern Curve Dalston


How they manage to create and maintain such an incredible oasis of peaceful serenity in the midst of Dalston’s hustle I don’t know, but they are expert at it. Everyone’s welcome, it’s open every day and there always something going on like this season’s Festival of Light. Loved by toddlers, young and seasoned folk alike, it’s a very special place indeed. Its future is under threat from development but a wave of support from curve friends and visitors is keeping that at bay for now #keepcitieswild

FOR ALL: Christmas Upcycling

  1. Save trees & reduce rubbish: Every year, the UK alone uses enough wrapping paper to go round the world 9 times!! Most of which can’t be recycled. So #screwwrappingpaper and use old newspaper and magazines instead – Becca Warner
  2. Repurpose: Pages from old books can be turned into beautiful decorations – by Lindas Rassel
  3. Repurpose: If you don’t want to tear books up, you can stack them to create a tree – from Family Sponge
  4. Repurpose: Christmas jumpers can live again as cowl scarfs, cushion covers, wine carriers and jar cosies – diycrafts.blogspot.co.uk
  5. Recycle: make your own Christmas jumper – ehow


We’ve got some ideas for crimble leftovers coming up next, keep an eye out 😉

Season’s best from Charlie Big Potatoes x

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