Mulled Buttered Cider

Buttered cider is a revelation to the taste buds, it’s positively dreamy. Like drinking caramel, it’s a warm toffee apple in a glass.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas indeed, it certainly will be if you make this! 

15 mins | makes 1ltr | ease itself


70ml Calvados 
5 tbsp light brown sugar
50g butter 
1 ltr proper cider 
½ vanilla pod, pulp 
cardamom pods 


Melt the calvados, sugar and butter together in a large pan, stirring until the sugar dissolves.

Add the cider and then the vanilla pulp and cardamom, heat gently to a simmer and serve.

There are lots of versions of mulled and buttered cider, even mulled buttered cider. This is our recreation of the one we had at the Curve Garden in Dalston, so guesswork but we hit the mark.

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    1. Cheers dude! I think this may be the best thing I tried in 2017. Can’t explain it, it just has to be tasted! Hope you had a fantastic New Year, wishing you a happy, healthy, tasty 2018 😀

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