Vanilla & Black Pepper Fried Rhubarb w/ Brioche Toast

Pan fried rhubarb with vanilla proper and cracked black pepper on brioche toast. Perfect fruity comfort for lazy days. Seasonal too, field rhubarb strides forth in March.

Vanilla and pepper are both perfect accomplices to rhubarb’s sharpness, to which this attests. 

15 mins | serves 4 | simple


4 stalks rhubarb, chopped to finger length   
1 vanilla pod
50g unsalted butter
50g icing sugar 

4 slices brioche loaf
cracked black pepper 


Scrape the vanilla pulp from the pod and cream the butter, sugar and pulp together. (reserve the pod, you can make vanilla sugar with it).

Melt the butter in a large frying pan over a gentle heat, chuck the rhubarb in as soon as the butter has melted. Fry, turning the rhubarb infrequently, until softened but still holding it’s shape, about 5-8 mins depending on the ripeness.

Meanwhile toast the brioche slices.

Top the brioche toast with the rhubarb, dust with more icing sugar if you wish, and garnish with a good grind of black pepper.



We saw this dish by Andrew Dargue of Vanilla Black in the Guardian’s 10 best rhubarb recipes, and it’s one of ours faves too now!

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  1. I’ve stumbled across a number of recipes which include rhubarb and love how you can use it in all kinds of dishes, sounds pretty yummy prepared this way, a lovely idea must admit!


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