Papaya & Black Rice Salad w/ Chilli Tamarind Dressing

The first of our black rice salads looks to South East Asia for inspiration, for a zingy, tangy freshness that you can feel doing you good as you chow. 

All four recipe timings are based on having the rice cooked and chilled in advance, add 40 mins to the timings if you’re cooking the rice as you go.

15 mins | serves 3 | easy


1 cup cooked black rice 
1 papaya 
½ cucumber
1 spring onion 

coriander, small bunch
mint, small bunch
thai basil, small bunch
1 lime, juice and zest
1 tbsp soft dark brown sugar
½ red chilli
1 tsp tamarind paste
sea salt flakes and ground black pepper


Peel and deseed the papaya, and julienne, you won’t need the whole fruit so you’ll have some papaya for breakfast tomorrow! Julienne the cucumber and thinly slice the spring onion on the diagonal if you wish.

Mix all the dressing ingredients together vigorously, taste and adjust accordingly.

Get the rice in a big bowl and pour in the dressing, stir to coat. Add in the papaya, cucumber, spring onion and most of the herbs and toss together.

Transfer to a serving bowl and top with more herbs.


Source: Charlie Big Potatoes.

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