Coconut Porridge with Buckwheat Crunchies

So dreamy and yummy is coconut porridge.

A serving suggestion for those buckwheat crunchies we were banging on about yesterday.

Making coconut porridge couldn’t be any easier, it’s exactly the same as making porridge. Making this a very short post! 

Take one cup of oats, a tin of coconut milk and a squeeze of syrup….

If you have the time you can soak the oats in one cup of coconut milk overnight but this isn’t essential.

If you do, just add a cup of water to the mix in the morning and cook, stirring, for 5-10mins until it is thickened.

If not, add the oats to a pan with 2 cups of coconut milk and cook until thickened.

Serve layered up with the crunchies, a seasonal fruit, in this case medlars and a drizzle of syrup.

Source: Charlie Big Potatoes.

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