Black-Eyed Bean & Plantain Pottage

Beans beans beans! recipe number two.

A Sierra Leonean recipe from Recipes from a Pantry, by Bintu. Check out her amazing insta feed for lots more like this one pot wonder.   Continue reading “Black-Eyed Bean & Plantain Pottage”


Njahi Beans with Ginger & Spring Onion


And here it is, the first Beans beans beans! recipes coming your way this week.

Spotted in a supermarket in Nairobi by our roving reporter and gifted to us, these tuxedo beans, formally known as njahi beans, are native to Kenya and exceedingly good for you. Continue reading “Njahi Beans with Ginger & Spring Onion”

Masarat’s Mish Part 2

Oh my diggity dang….. this Mish is well worth the 3 day wait.

It’s ready when the fenugreek seeds are soft.

Use it dolloped onto tagines and stews, as a dip for pretty much anything dippable, or as Masarat simply does, spread over flatbread, sprinkled with za’atar, rolled into a wrap and chowed down.

This is seriously good stuff…. and it keeps for about five days to a week in the fridge…. so have at it. Continue reading “Masarat’s Mish Part 2”

Making Masarat’s Mish

Mish is a dip that’s spicy and nice that can get a lotta love from us. It takes 3 whole days to brew. 3 days, peeps!

Masarat’s Mish comes to us via our international correspondent who is friends with Masarat, a Sudanese woman living in Oman.

We don’t really have an international correspondent, tho that would be cool. We do have a good friend who travels extensively and has many, many friends around the world. She’s a journalist at heart and loves cooking, so great food with amazing stories gravitate towards her.

She’s been banging on about this mish for ages and even bought us the labneh, and black cumin and fenugreek seeds direct from Oman. So we got over ourselves and this 3 day business and made Masarat’s mish.

Here’s how, we’ll be back in three days with the mish and what to do with it!

Hint, you’ll need Za’atar, which we’re willing to bet you could make from your store cupboard in a fix.  Continue reading “Making Masarat’s Mish”

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