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Black-Eyed Bean Salad

Well tasty veganness for ya here. Continue reading “Black-Eyed Bean Salad”


The Rachel – Jackfruit Stylee

We are massive fans of the rachel sandwich round here, and her brother the reuben.

Unlike the reuben, there are a few different takes on what makes a sandwich a rachel. Most commonly, the corned beef of reuben fame is replaced with either pastrami or turkey. Some swap the sauerkraut for a slaw of some kind, some keep the kraut and add slaw in place of the cheese. Always with the russian dressing though, always. Continue reading “The Rachel – Jackfruit Stylee”

Hearts of Palm Salad

Warm hearts of palm, salsa and guac, is there anything more one could ask for? Another Trixy vegan recipe for ya.  Continue reading “Hearts of Palm Salad”


K-fries, of the meat-free variety. Cuz k-fries usually comes complete with beef bulgogi, a quintessentially Korean dish, meaning ‘fire meat’. But enuff about that given we’ve taken it out, it isn’t missed!

A Korean-American hybrid, obvs, these are nachos’ cool young cuz.

Oven french fries, kimchi, quickled red chilli, spring onions, and coriander, dripping in cheese and sour cream, what more could you ask for? Perfect sharing street food.  Continue reading “K-fries”

Coquina Squash & Black Bean Quesadillas

Tasty quesadillas, yes you are. With smoky chipotle salsa so you are. Great little recipe this, sassy.   Continue reading “Coquina Squash & Black Bean Quesadillas”

Watermelon, Avo and Quinoa Salad

There’s a whole lot of goodness going on here folks… Continue reading “Watermelon, Avo and Quinoa Salad”

Shay Ancho Burrito

Fully veegs this one – been a while!

This delectable number is from Shay Ola’s Death By Burrito book. As seen by the big potatoes on Jamie’s Food Tube.

A die for burrito – and nothing else had to! Continue reading “Shay Ancho Burrito”

Red Quinoa, White Bean, Red Pepper…

This is how we roll of a midweek evening. Vegan loveliness. Continue reading “Red Quinoa, White Bean, Red Pepper…”

Churros con Chocolate

Piping bag and star nozzle required

It’s Doughnut Day (in America)! We had such messy fun today making churros con chocolate. Holy hell these morsels are gooooood, not to mention the edible smell as they cook and are dipped in cinnamon. Continue reading “Churros con Chocolate”

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