Tomato Pie

Saw this on Pinterest. Intrigue got the better of us and we had to see for ourselves. The results were so intensely satisfying we thought we ought further spread the word.

Think this would go down well with little ones, whether they’re tomato fans or not! However we know nothing of such things here at CBP and defer to the expertise and verdict of parents.  Continue reading “Tomato Pie”

Chia Pudding


We bought a box of chia seeds several years ago, pre-climate kind eating days, and it sat forgotten in the cupboard for a long while. Until one day, about 1BCKE (before climate kind eating), we opened the box up and thought someone was having a giraffe. Back into cupboard’s shadiest corners they went.

Then one climate kind day this October gone, we discovered what all the fuss was about. These teeny tiny seeds can transform into something quite remarkable – dessert! A completely vegan mega health dessert, without even trying.  Continue reading “Chia Pudding”

These 5 Grains

Welcome to our most ambitious post to date. We’re really getting into grains in a big way at the moment, along our climate kind, meat-reducin’ wasting nothin’ path. So we’re gunna take a few to witter on about these five grains with a recipe for each, showcasing the extraordinary versitility of ancient grains. Continue reading “These 5 Grains”

Green Goddess Salad

We’ve got a winner on our hands with this one. The classic green goddess dressing is back from the 70’s, and beautifully updated here with an avocado, pea and quinoa salad. A great mid-weeker cuz it’s quick, easy, packed with nutritional goodness, including protein from the quinoa, and greater than the sum of it’s parts taste wise.

Vive la GGD! Continue reading “Green Goddess Salad”

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