Use Your Loaf

Leftovers cooking requires an ingenuity not oft found in other cooking forms. Not to mention the essential role leftovers play in keepin it climate kind in the kitchen. With results frequently surpassing the meal they’re leftover from, it’s little wonder we find cooking with leftovers so darned rewarding. Continue reading “Use Your Loaf”

Kitchen Kit

It’s time to take a moment to celebrate the utensils we wouldn’t be without here at CBP.

To this papped collection, I’d add a zester, whisk, muslin, all the knifes and you’re good!

We’re giving a particular shout out to our amazing silver crest whizzer. This little beauty is the only whizzer we have, and it punches well above its weight. It’s not supposed to belong to a busy little food blogger – it gets pushed to its limits on a daily basis – but not only does it get the job done, albeit in several batches, it just keeps on going. No idea how long we’ve had it, it was a gift from my cuz, but it’s defo upwards of 5 years.  Continue reading “Kitchen Kit”

Trixy Vegan

There’s a little run of trixy vegan wonderment coming to the Charlie Big Potatoes pages over the next few days.

Including this incredibly quick, 3 ingredient, velvety vegan chocolate mousse, that frankly defies belief.

Vegans proper the world over will no doubt be aware of the tricks and mastery coming up but hopefully the rest of us can learn a thing or two about how to get serious when it comes to cutting meat and dairy out of our diet. A couple of the recipes in this series were a revelation to us. Revelations that are really gunna help us be kinder to the planet in the food choices we make. So we’re pretty excited to share these with you, starting later today.

See ya soonest x

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