K-fries, of the meat-free variety. Cuz k-fries usually comes complete with beef bulgogi, a quintessentially Korean dish, meaning ‘fire meat’. But enuff about that given we’ve taken it out, it isn’t missed!

A Korean-American hybrid, obvs, these are nachos’ cool young cuz.

Oven french fries, kimchi, quickled red chilli, spring onions, and coriander, dripping in cheese and sour cream, what more could you ask for? Perfect sharing street food.  Continue reading “K-fries”

Buckwheat Porridge


No ingredients shots for this one, just lots of the end product, cuz it’s so beautiful we can’t help it.

We’ll not lie to you, it is more of a faff than making porridge with oats. Straight out the gate it needs a good soaking, and it takes longer to cook than oats porridge, by two maybe up to three times. But the consensus here is that it’s well worth the little extra love and attention. Continue reading “Buckwheat Porridge”

These 5 Grains

Welcome to our most ambitious post to date. We’re really getting into grains in a big way at the moment, along our climate kind, meat-reducin’ wasting nothin’ path. So we’re gunna take a few to witter on about these five grains with a recipe for each, showcasing the extraordinary versitility of ancient grains. Continue reading “These 5 Grains”

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