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The Rachel – Jackfruit Stylee

We are massive fans of the rachel sandwich round here, and her brother the reuben.

Unlike the reuben, there are a few different takes on what makes a sandwich a rachel. Most commonly, the corned beef of reuben fame is replaced with either pastrami or turkey. Some swap the sauerkraut for a slaw of some kind, some keep the kraut and add slaw in place of the cheese. Always with the russian dressing though, always. Continue reading “The Rachel – Jackfruit Stylee”


Cranberry Whipped Butter

Cranberry whipped butter. For your Crimble morning waffles, perhaps.

Make ahead gorgeousness.
Continue reading “Cranberry Whipped Butter”

Herb Baked Eggs

Baked eggs, the LBD of the food world. Well ours anyway. Crack out for breakfast, lunch,  late supper, heck… even brunch.

An Ina Garten classic. Rich, creamy and delightfully comforting.
Continue reading “Herb Baked Eggs”

Eat Kind Summer Holidays

With school holidays just round the corner we imagine you parents among us are frantically sourcing fresh ideas about now that are gunna keep the little terrors occupied.

These fun and healthy recipes may help. They may not, but you’ll enjoy them. We can all enjoy them!  Continue reading “Eat Kind Summer Holidays”

Rarebit Soufflé

Let this be thine brunch….. Continue reading “Rarebit Soufflé”

Overnight Oats…

…. Of the lemon, honey and thyme variety.

Quick, easy, nutritious and delicious, what’s not to like, eh.

Oh and, the game’s in the name but OVERNIGHT SOAKING ALERT incase you missed it. Continue reading “Overnight Oats…”

California Scramble

California dreamin… We are now!

Had completely forgotten how darn good this is and now we can’t stop thinking about it. This is how dining alone is done, so without further ado… Continue reading “California Scramble”

Grains and Greens Scramble

Another grained-up recipe, this one’s a great way to use any leftover grains you may have from trying one of the recipes from These 5 Grains. Nifty, eh?

10 mins | serves 2 | easy  Continue reading “Grains and Greens Scramble”

Les Trois Omelettes

Keeping it simple this week at the CBP hub. Three luscious omelettes, to appease the gods of easter.

We’re kicking off with Grains and Greens later today. Hotly chased by the classic California Scramble on Thursday, leaving the best til last with the refined elegance of Omelette Arnold Bennett for Good Friday’s post. Continue reading “Les Trois Omelettes”

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