Vanilla & Black Pepper Fried Rhubarb w/ Brioche Toast

Pan fried rhubarb with vanilla proper and cracked black pepper on brioche toast. Perfect fruity comfort for lazy days. Seasonal too, field rhubarb strides forth in March.

Vanilla and pepper are both perfect accomplices to rhubarb’s sharpness, to which this attests.  Continue reading “Vanilla & Black Pepper Fried Rhubarb w/ Brioche Toast”


Oat Pudding w/ Blood Orange & Clove Compote

Like rice pudding but with oats. Made seasonally appropriate and deeply delicious with a blood orange compote, made veegs with hemp milk.

Blood oranges pair well with all sorts. Almonds, cardamom, chocolate, cinnamon, fig, ginger, rosemary, and cloves as we’ve used here. Continue reading “Oat Pudding w/ Blood Orange & Clove Compote”

The Rachel – Jackfruit Stylee

We are massive fans of the rachel sandwich round here, and her brother the reuben.

Unlike the reuben, there are a few different takes on what makes a sandwich a rachel. Most commonly, the corned beef of reuben fame is replaced with either pastrami or turkey. Some swap the sauerkraut for a slaw of some kind, some keep the kraut and add slaw in place of the cheese. Always with the russian dressing though, always. Continue reading “The Rachel – Jackfruit Stylee”

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