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Fig Frangipane

Yuh-huh. Lovely, lovely frangipane of figs.  Continue reading “Fig Frangipane”


Chocolate Banana Cake

Chocolate banana cake. Nuff said.  Continue reading “Chocolate Banana Cake”

Rosemary & Orange Shortbread

These shortbread thins are outstandingly good. Like, WOW good.

All the recipes in this Herbs in Sweet Places collection are really delicious but if you make only one, have it be this one. Continue reading “Rosemary & Orange Shortbread”

Lemon Thyme Drizzle Cake

Flecked green with lemon thyme, this drizzle cake is as beautiful as it is delicious. Delightful served with tea in the afternoon, or any when you please.

Everyone loves a drizzle cake hey, and this one makes it into the Guardian’s top 10 best herb recipes.  Continue reading “Lemon Thyme Drizzle Cake”

Mint Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate mint cookies, the natural way.

Like banana cake or muffins, these cookies are even better the next day, when the natural mint flavour really comes to the fore. On day one, the mint flavour is very subtle and leads to an unexpected and unusual flavour which is charmingly wholesome.

These little loves are crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle, everyone’s a winner!  Continue reading “Mint Chocolate Cookies”

Herbs in Sweet Places

A collection of sweet things with fresh herbs coming at ya this week.

They all use a herb in large quantities so they’re a great way to use up an abundance of herbs, should you find yourself in that situation ever and requiring something sweet to sate. Continue reading “Herbs in Sweet Places”

Sesame Chocolate Toasts with Sea Salt

Something a little special for National Toast Day. We’re celebrating with these deliciously decadent sesame chocolate toasts.

An out and out winner this. Chocolate, melted, and embraced tenderly by a quirky combination of tahini, sea salt and olive oil.

And guess what, they’re vegan too! No further ado…. Continue reading “Sesame Chocolate Toasts with Sea Salt”


Florentines how to. In pictures (and then words).  Continue reading “Florentines”

Chocolate Slabs

Festive foods for festive times….

Chocolate slabs are so easy to make it feels like cheating. Risk free gift making.

This is ours, what’s yours?

This is enough for one 20cm square slab, you’ll wanna increase the quantities a little for a rectangular slab/baking sheet, or multiples of.  Continue reading “Chocolate Slabs”

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