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Kale, Feta & Dill Paté

This is flippin’ lovely this is.

The salty feta meets the slight bitterness of the kale perfectly in this delicious paté, a dish worthy of such top grade kale, gifted to us by a friend and their bountiful allotment.

Couldn’t be simpler, and perfect for late summer evenings. Continue reading “Kale, Feta & Dill Paté”


Confit Tomatoes with Thick Yoghurt

The only way to eat tomatoes from now on. This combination is to die for.  Continue reading “Confit Tomatoes with Thick Yoghurt”

Pea Pesto with Ricotta

The perfect thing for a springtime picnic, starter or all day snack! The fresh flavours of summer brought to you at any time by frozen peas.

Couldn’t be any easier or quicker to make, nor any more delicious to eat. Dig in. Continue reading “Pea Pesto with Ricotta”

Gnudi with Sage Butter


OM Bloody G, these mo fo’s are good.

Delicate, fluffy, delicious little morsels, you have to give these a go.

Gnudi is the Tuscan word for naked, the idea being that these dreamy balls of ricotta are ‘nude ravioli’ – just the tasty filling without the pasta shell.

So, yeh, it’s a 2 day process. And yeh, you do have to do all the steps or it won’t work. Soz. Each stage is really quick and easy however, bar the 2 lots of overnighting that is.

Absolutely perfect for entertaining, or just stuffing your face. Continue reading “Gnudi with Sage Butter”

Potato Pancakes with Spiced Beetroot

Oh, happy day… oh Happy day!

It’s pancake day. And pancake day makes us very happy, alright.

We’re going savoury this year (who am I kidding, we’re going savoury as well this year), with this sassy potato pancake number.

The lightest, fluffiest of pancakes, appearing here with the classic taste pairing of beetroot and horseradish. Thrown in some dill and toasted pine nuts for good measure and you have yourself a delightful celebration of the pancake.

Admittedly a little more effort than your average pancake but completely worth it. Continue reading “Potato Pancakes with Spiced Beetroot”


K-fries, of the meat-free variety. Cuz k-fries usually comes complete with beef bulgogi, a quintessentially Korean dish, meaning ‘fire meat’. But enuff about that given we’ve taken it out, it isn’t missed!

A Korean-American hybrid, obvs, these are nachos’ cool young cuz.

Oven french fries, kimchi, quickled red chilli, spring onions, and coriander, dripping in cheese and sour cream, what more could you ask for? Perfect sharing street food.  Continue reading “K-fries”

Four Cheese One Pot Pasta

Four Cheeses. One pot. Yuh-huh baby!

This is inspired, let’s get down to it shall we. Continue reading “Four Cheese One Pot Pasta”

Herb Baked Eggs

Baked eggs, the LBD of the food world. Well ours anyway. Crack out for breakfast, lunch,  late supper, heck… even brunch.

An Ina Garten classic. Rich, creamy and delightfully comforting.
Continue reading “Herb Baked Eggs”

Nettle and Courgette Flower Galette


According to the title of this post, we’ve moved over to the swampy side. Don’t worry, there’s goat’s cheese as well, we’re just visiting.

And I’ll tell ya what, it’s chuffin’ excellent. Declared a triumph at the table – thanking gods – given the chef credentials of our friend and that I’d never cooked nettles before. Continue reading “Nettle and Courgette Flower Galette”

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