Spiced Beetroot Yoghurt

Clearly we’re in a dippy mood this week.

The awesomeness of mish has inspired us to keep on dipping. So today it’s spiced beetroot yoghurt, tomorrow hummus.

This yoghurt dip is ridiculously good. The sweetness of the beets combines beatifully with the yoghurt tang. No, your eyes are not deceiving you, you do need 3 tablespoons of ground coriander (first go muggins here thought she knew better, didn’t put the full 3 tbsps in, regretted it).

20 mins | effortless  Continue reading “Spiced Beetroot Yoghurt”

Masarat’s Mish


Yes okay, so it takes three days to make Mish but as it’s loved by everyone who tries it, it’s well worth the forward thinking and the wait.

At first taste it appears mild and creamy, then a gentle heat from the chillies and raw garlic permeates through to match the earthy punch of the fenugreek and cumin.

It’s made with labneh which is beginning to be more widely available now. If you can’t get it however you can make your own by straining some greek yoghurt in muslin for half a day, the longer it is strained the thicker it becomes.

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Panko Eggs with Quickled Spring Veg Salad

Stone the crows this is good.

What happened here is we merged together two recipes in this month’s Olive magazine. Crafty.

Saw the panko eggs and decided there and then we had to have them. It being a weekday however, we couldn’t just go eating bacon willy nilly, which is what accompanied the panko eggs in their original guise.

So we married them instead with the pickled spring veg salad on another page and came up with this. Continue reading “Panko Eggs with Quickled Spring Veg Salad”

Leia Cake

Here it is! The centrepiece of Maz Kanata’s Tapas.

So Leia Cake. Aka chickpea fritters with beetroot, mozzarella and pink peppercorn sauce. These are the fluffiest, lightiest fritters we’ve ever come across. On account of the method, a new one on us for fritters. Continue reading “Leia Cake”

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