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Climate Kind Eating

Cauli Larb Salad

A Thai salad on any other day here in the west, only, this one’s made with cauliflower. The salad that’s loved the world over goes fully veegs.

Quick be the salad, and fabulously tasty be thine name. Continue reading “Cauli Larb Salad”

Scandi Cucumber Salad

You know our love of a good salad. And this is good salad. Mega quick, using few ingredients and is a zingy and refreshing dance on your tastebuds.

Oh and veegs, and fat free.  Continue reading “Scandi Cucumber Salad”

Mint Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate mint cookies, the natural way.

Like banana cake or muffins, these cookies are even better the next day, when the natural mint flavour really comes to the fore. On day one, the mint flavour is very subtle and leads to an unexpected and unusual flavour which is charmingly wholesome.

These little loves are crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle, everyone’s a winner!  Continue reading “Mint Chocolate Cookies”

Spinach and Mushroom Quinoa

A lite bite for you that’s so easy there’s no need for a recipe.

Ready in the time it takes to cook some quinoa, so… 20mins. And as long you use oil to fry the mushrooms and wilt the spinach then you have a vegan dish of loveliness to devour.

Ensure to drizzle the ensemble with olive oil and lashings of s&p to serve.

This is a base recipe really, to wit you can add whatever you fancy. Go to it!  Continue reading “Spinach and Mushroom Quinoa”

Kohlrabi and Apple Salad

Kohlrabi and apple salad, eh.

It’s probably now immediately apparent why we were banging on about kitchen kit yesterday.

This salad has to be one of the easiest salads ever, it’s crisp, fresh, light and delicious – and cheap as chips.

If, you have a mandolin that is. It’s possible to make this gorgeous dish without one of course, but a right old faff. See what I’m saying to ya, new avenues!

Kohlrabi is a year round vegetable, energising, and extremely good for you not to mention very tasty in its mild mannered impersonation of a radish. This combination of kohlrabi and tart granny smiths apples, with lemon zest and dill, is simply stunning to the taste buds and the eye.  Continue reading “Kohlrabi and Apple Salad”

Hearts of Palm Salad

Warm hearts of palm, salsa and guac, is there anything more one could ask for? Another Trixy vegan recipe for ya.  Continue reading “Hearts of Palm Salad”


If you haven’t already heard of aquafaba, you’re gunna love this. Well, we did anyway.

Aquafaba is the gloopy gunk that is produced when legume seeds such as chickpeas are cooked, the stuff that encases your tinned and jarred goods of the same name.

It also behaves in the same way egg whites do, which is to say it foams and binds. Aquafaba does this so well in fact, you can make meringue from it. Yes, completely vegan meringue, you heard me right. Continue reading “Aquafaba”

Vegan Aïoli

You ‘eard. Aïoli made from silken tofu, and virtually indistinguishable from actual aïoli. For-realsies.

Changes things, don’t you think?

This genius notion is from Melbourne restaurant Smith & Daughters owners Shannon Martinez and Mo Wise, who write cook books that happen to be vegan. Exactly our kind of vegan.
Continue reading “Vegan Aïoli”

Lebanese Giant Cous Cous & Chickpea Salad

Deep, warming and intensely satisfying flavours await you…. make this.

Full vegan business. Continue reading “Lebanese Giant Cous Cous & Chickpea Salad”

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