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Chocolate Fondue

Mmmmm… chocolate fondue for New Year’s Day. We’ve just started a new Big Potatoes tradition!

Quite the hardest part of making chocolate fondue is getting yer hands on a chocolate fondue set, we say.

We were gifted well this crimble peeps, gifted well.

Cue chocolate fondue with cubetti de french toast, cherries and pretzel stars for dipping. It’s really easy to go vegan here too, so both versions are listed below.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy 2017 x Continue reading “Chocolate Fondue”

Greengage and Vanilla Tart

Lovin us some greengage and vanilla tart right now. Seasonal loveliness. Continue reading “Greengage and Vanilla Tart”

Spiced Elderberry and Damson Cobbler

Ya-huh, you ‘eard.

Elderberries are big on goodness. 100g of elderberries provides 43% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C, and it’s none to shabby at vitamin B6 and iron either. They have been used medicinally for centuries, to treat flu and alleviate allergies, and in traditional Chinese medicine elder is used for rheumatism and traumatic injury. Modern research holds they possess anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties and are anti-oxidant rich i.e. capable of preventing cell damage.

Cobbler, for those not yet in the know, is like a cross between shortbread and a dumpling, and it’s soooooo good. Continue reading “Spiced Elderberry and Damson Cobbler”

Gooseberry Galette


You’re probably bored of our galette obsession already but we’re not gunna tire of them any day soon.

We couldn’t resist making a galette with the the red and green gooseberries we bought at the market.

In fact it occurs to us that a galette is the perfect way to show case the wonderful seasonal goods you bought on impulse because you couldn’t help yourself. They are seriously good things, believe.

We’ve covered galettes in recent times so this is more of a pictures post tbh…. Continue reading “Gooseberry Galette”

Eat Kind Summer Holidays

With school holidays just round the corner we imagine you parents among us are frantically sourcing fresh ideas about now that are gunna keep the little terrors occupied.

These fun and healthy recipes may help. They may not, but you’ll enjoy them. We can all enjoy them!  Continue reading “Eat Kind Summer Holidays”

Fruit Salad with Rosewater & Mint

Basically this is just a collection of all four of my all time favourite summer fruits, plus an apple.

And d’ya know what? It’s the apple that makes it. Apple and mint are best friends as we know, here it’s cut up real small and so gets pretty pally with the rose water too and just brings everything together as one. The fruits are left to steep in rosewater which amplifies their sweetness.
Continue reading “Fruit Salad with Rosewater & Mint”

3 Ways with Elderflowers

Number 3. Elderflower and Raspberry Sauvignon Jelly

Our first go with VegeSet, the vegan alternative to gelatine. We were very pleasantly surprised with the results. Bloomin marvellous they were.

The rich and subtle flavours of the wine and elderflowers shine through and it’s not overly sweet either. This is grown up jelly.

Freestyled by Charlie this was. Continue reading “3 Ways with Elderflowers”

3 Ways with Elderflowers

Number 1. Elderflower Fritters

We pretty much mainline elderflower presse round here and can’t tell you the satisfaction we feel that very soon we will have our own cordial which cost us virtually nothing and created a whole lotta fun in the making. It’s all the way up to 11.

But these treasures are where it’s at. It’s these delightful crispy uniquely sweet things that I left my bed for on a wet stormy sunday morning (in bloody June), knowing I’d be eating these later.

Y’know how you can taste the river in trout and the sea in oysters, well you can taste the woodland in elderflower fritters. Continue reading “3 Ways with Elderflowers”

Picking Elderflowers

We went elderflower picking yesterday. In zone 2 north London, a short walk from Charlie’s. Yep we did.

As the season for these beautiful edible flowers is short (end May to early June), we hoped we weren’t too late. We weren’t at all, we hit the jackpot.

Reckon folks, Londoners anyway, have got a few days yet to get out there and get yee some. S’up. We’ll be back in the week with recipes for this lot.

When nature’s bounty is plentiful (and only then)….


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