Saudi Champagne

A little something to accompany the saffron roast tomatoes and Persian chilau of yesterday’s post.

Saudi champagne is a really delicious non-alcoholic drink that’s so refreshing it actually makes your mouth water.

A perfect drink to serve for guests who are driving, even non-drivers will want at least one when they see it, remember that.  Continue reading “Saudi Champagne”

Rose Hip Syrup

This took me back to rose hip picking as a child with my mum and dad from around the village green. This time we were in zone 2 London, but the pickings were just as good.

Rose hips are the fruit of the rose plant and are particularly high in vitamin C – one of the richest plant sources available.

This method is the simplest and best for making rose hip syrup, from River Cottage. The double-straining ensures that the tiny, irritant hairs found inside rosehips are removed. Continue reading “Rose Hip Syrup”

3 Ways with Elderflowers

Number 2. Elderflower Cordial


Deliriously happy right now. As I type, 3 bottles of hot elderflower cordial are cooling in the kitchen, and when they’ve cooled it’s ready!

Smug doesn’t come close. From woodland to glass, we did it all! And that feels really good, man. We know exactly what’s in our cordial, I walked there and back so there aren’t any air miles, nothing had to die to bring me one of my all time favourite things. All this and healthy on the wallet.

Sweet mama this is good people (cordial). Passed the taste test and then some and it smells so delightfully sweet and floral. Cannot wait to try a glass in it’s pure form as a refreshing summer cooler, then get straight down to the hedgerow fizz. Continue reading “3 Ways with Elderflowers”

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