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Black-Eyed Bean & Plantain Pottage

Beans beans beans! recipe number two.

A Sierra Leonean recipe from Recipes from a Pantry, by Bintu. Check out her amazing insta feed for lots more like this one pot wonder.   Continue reading “Black-Eyed Bean & Plantain Pottage”


Warm Mushroom Salad

Hmmmmm, mushrooms – ruddy love ’em. And this is shroom bliss.  Continue reading “Warm Mushroom Salad”

Pea Pesto with Ricotta

The perfect thing for a springtime picnic, starter or all day snack! The fresh flavours of summer brought to you at any time by frozen peas.

Couldn’t be any easier or quicker to make, nor any more delicious to eat. Dig in. Continue reading “Pea Pesto with Ricotta”

Gnudi with Sage Butter


OM Bloody G, these mo fo’s are good.

Delicate, fluffy, delicious little morsels, you have to give these a go.

Gnudi is the Tuscan word for naked, the idea being that these dreamy balls of ricotta are ‘nude ravioli’ – just the tasty filling without the pasta shell.

So, yeh, it’s a 2 day process. And yeh, you do have to do all the steps or it won’t work. Soz. Each stage is really quick and easy however, bar the 2 lots of overnighting that is.

Absolutely perfect for entertaining, or just stuffing your face. Continue reading “Gnudi with Sage Butter”

Herb and Havarti Pie

Happy Pi Day! As Archimedes once said. Probably.

This is an Ottolenghi recipe with a few edits based on what we had in the fridge. Yotam uses swiss chard and rocket to our spinach, and a mix of ricotta, cheddar and feta for his cheeses. It’s this very adaptability that makes this pie so great. And its taste of course.  Continue reading “Herb and Havarti Pie”

Herbs in Sweet Places

A collection of sweet things with fresh herbs coming at ya this week.

They all use a herb in large quantities so they’re a great way to use up an abundance of herbs, should you find yourself in that situation ever and requiring something sweet to sate. Continue reading “Herbs in Sweet Places”

Butternut Squash & Feta Wellington

Classy veggie fayre right here, butternut squash and feta wellington with caramelised onions. Don’t cha know.

Be sure to get vegetarian feta using a plant-derived rennet if you wish for this to be veggie. Veegs it is not but easily translated by those in the knack.  Continue reading “Butternut Squash & Feta Wellington”

Artichoke Carpaccio with Fonduta and Gremolata

We love this recipe for sunchokes a million times over. Forget everything else in your life, none of it matters until you’ve tried this. It will stop you in your tracks.

Another bad boy for which a mandolin is highly recommended.

From the culinary genius Mario Batali, as seen on Munchies.
Continue reading “Artichoke Carpaccio with Fonduta and Gremolata”

Clementine and Green Olive Salad

One of Charlie’s all time faves, this. The sort of salad dreams are made of.

Made from things you’ll have about for the holidays, we’ll wager. Not vegan on account of the honey but I’m sure you clever bunch’ll sort an alternative with ease. Continue reading “Clementine and Green Olive Salad”

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