Puntarelle, Red Grapefruit & Caper Salad


A lively symphony of flavours on a plate.

Bitter tones from the puntarelle, bright citrus notes from the grapefruit, salty staccato accents from the capers all boldly encased in a sweet, silky dressing. Continue reading “Puntarelle, Red Grapefruit & Caper Salad”


Polvorones de Limón

These lime shortbread from Spain are incredible. And you are gunna have to try these at your earliest chance – even if you’re not cookie boxing this year.

It’s the icing sugar that does it. British shortbread is made with caster sugar and let me tell you people, we are missing a trick. The icing sugar brings a lighter, even creamier touch to the whole shebang.

Reserved for Christmas and more traditionally New Year’s, the round shape is associated with the sun, not so oft seen at this time of year. Continue reading “Polvorones de Limón”

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